Volunteering at CHiPS Soup Kitchen


I volunteered at CHiPS several times this winter and each time it was different. The first time I went, I helped set up tables for the people who come to eat each Saturday. The second time I went, it was freezing outside and I wondered where the people were waiting while we got the room ready for them. It felt good to know I was helping them get food. I’ve done a ton of different things at CHiPS like rolling 100s of plastic utensils in paper napkins, sorting different fruit cups and placing them on trays. I also figured out how to use a huge percolator coffee maker that makes 100 cups of coffee at a time! I’ve gone there with my dad and my mom too. One of the cool parts of volunteering at CHiPS is seeing all the people who come each week to help. Sometimes there are so many of us that there isn’t much to do. Because I am 15, I can’t help cook in the kitchen and I leave before the people who eat at CHiPS get there, but it feels great to see so many people wanting to help.

- Lucy, age 15,  Brooklyn, NY 2/9/2018